Thursday, January 14, 2010


I am seriously on the verge of tears.... I went to open InDesign to add the ISBN barcode... and got this message:

"The licensing subsystem has failed catastrophically."

Now, this is what happened before... and I jumped through hoops for 2 days installing and reinstalling, and uninstalling, and running this program, then that program.

I don't think I have the heart to do it all again.

Adobe - you SUCK!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today I held a bound, printed copy of my book in my hands. OMG!!!! It's been years, and I didn't think it would, but MAN IT FELT GOOD!!!! No, don't get excited, it's not the published copy, just one I had printed and bound at Big Colour Works. Just wish Mum was here to show her - doesn't seem quite real until I've gloated over it with her. Mum's are great like that!!! You can share all your proud moments and know that it will thrill them, and you can revel in your happiness without feeling like a braggart.

Will take a photo tomorrow I think!!!

Emily and I had a nice kinda day together. I went up to work, to print my book, but the colour printer was broken. However, I was able to follow up on a couple of things that had been nagging at my conscience for the past few weeks, so that was good. We then went and printed out the book, and you could just see how puffed up proud she was of me, it was so ... oh, what is the right word?? Heartwarming, gratifying, special! You know, when your kid looks at you with utter awe?

Then we went and had Indian food together, and she helped me proof the page numbers between the book and the workbook - again, so nice to share this with her - made it a little bit more special. Of course I came home and showed hubby, and got the 'that's nice dear' attitude. He assumes I can do anything, which is nice, but a little excitement would be good too!

Even picked up some nice calligraphy pens for Allan - love it when he does nice writing - very artistic that way, my boy is!

Just back from Netball AGM - which can be very frustrating. People who have no vested interest in the outcome of something mocking your valid input - what do they care? And if they don't, shut up!


Just blogging...

It's good to get back into blogging after such a long time away from it. I didn't realise how much of my 'life' I capture here that my poor ole brain could never retain. Things that you're certain you will remember forever, but can't even retell the next day... lol.

I've developed some VERY bad habits over the holidays. Very late .... errr... mornings... with very long sleep ins, and just blah habits. I'm keen to get back to work, truth be told.

Feeling a lot better now that I've got the Colour Book pretty much sorted. Just have to print it all out and triple check all the page references between it and the workbook - not too bad a job.

Of course, it couldn't all go smoothly - but I feel like Xena Warrior Princess who has done battle with InDesign to wring a half decent index out of it. Apparently it WASN'T me, it was InDesign. I don't know why it all stopped working, I suspect an update in Vista or something caused a chain event of errors. Still can't get Adobe Acrobat in full working order - but don't have the energy to play IT Girl anymore.

We went to see Avatar today - and, after the shock of the entrance prices - thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I was so glad to see that the 3D wasn't some corny gore splashing out at you, but a more honest looking 3D with everything on the screen layered out. The scenery in the movie is awesome too - I was wishing I could visit!! Loved the little lizards that take off like helicopters when you touch them - very cute! We did take the glasses with us though - we paid enough - so if anyone needs a lend... lol...

Mum and Jodie are in Melbourne - and I hear there's a heat wave there - how funny is that! I hope they're having a great time sightseeing and I know they'll love watching the tennis - lucky ducks!

Been playing with PhotoBucket again, and I wanted to do a little tribute to Dad - missing him more, not less.

Monday, January 11, 2010

What would I do with my life...

If I didn't spend so much time on the computer!

Hmmm..... paint, craft, read a good book, do a Wasjig.... have lots of coffee!! Of course, spend time with the family.

It's been a very long time since I printed off any photos, so I thought, while I wait for Adobe to update AGAIN - after updating it all twice already - I will use my time to sort out some photos to print up ready for the upcoming LSBS Cybercrop. Emily and I are looking forward to scrapping that weekend, and I've been visiting Ang's blog - and am loving what she is doing with paint on her layouts!

I do have quite a bit of paint spare here... lol....

I've been scrapping up a storm lately actually - just getting back into the swing of things. These are done through my quicky background method where you make up a heap of backgrounds, and THEN embellish with photos and the like.






OK... computer is telling me it wants me to restart (of course) so that's all for now!


...and it continues

OK... so I updated, revised, and sorted everything, and now all I need to do is revise the index.

Went in, and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be - even added a few more entries.... but NOW every time I go to revise it, it bloody well closes InDesign down!!!!

Grrrr..... Arrrrggggghhhh....

Oh a happier note, Emily has been humming away happily, covering her school books with a bit of creativity. Nice to have a happy family member!

Michael is putting his name out for jobs - we need a reliable source of income - not what we were getting last year.

OK... signing off to go and battle with the computer again. I think a reward will be in order if I ever get this thing done!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life, and computers are difficult sometimes!

Why aren't things a little easier? I've been working hard over the past week or so to revise the book I've written "The Colour Book" so that it can finally be published. Busted my butt!! But, it seems that hard work isn't always rewarded.

To start with, I had to battle with my computer for 2 solid days, just to get it to install my Adobe suite of products after they decided that they would have a 'catastrophic' error!! Finally got them up and running, and went out to buy new cartridges for my printer.... much money later, I find out that it's not printing because it needs a service, NOT new cartridges. Sheesh!

Anyways, spent about 15 hours slaving through changes and updates to the book, with a nagging feeling that I'd done all this before. Got to Chapter 11 (of 12 chapters) and opened an old pdf to compare the new words with the old ones... only to see that YES I HAD made the wonderful changes I was making AGAIN! Now these were not easy, fix that typo, changes, they were rebuilding graphics to go with the text, which I was also changing.

So where did these pdf's come from, if I don't have the original InDesign files on my computer. I've already pulled my Matisse hard disk drive from storage to check there - and nope, not there either. Finally found the files on ANOTHER external hard drive!!!

So now this means I need to go through chapters 1-10 and check both documents to see what's different, and combine any changes I've made. I've saved chapters 11 & 12 over the older files, as I hadn't checked them, and in doing so, realised I'm missing FONTS. Grrr.... ARRRRGGGGHHHH!

Please, please, please, can something just work? It's so damn frustrating to be redoing everything from scratch! I seem to be constantly sorting out one thing so that I can find the next thing that needs fixing. I just want to DO IT!!!

On a positive note, the magic 8 ball says I can be confident that the book WILL be published.

Friday, January 08, 2010

2009 - a year in retrospect

Hi all (and probably just me - LOL)

It's been a very long time since I've updated my post, and a lot has happened since then. 2009 has been a pretty tough year for me emotionally, with some pretty low points happening, and just not being able to 'deal' as well as I would have liked.

Looking back, I hadn't realised how much my job at the Uni was depressing me, and really chewing up my confidence. While I was finding success at the end of my time there, it was more about learning how to do things the 'right way' according to my boss, but it really conflicted with my natural way about doing things. I was fighting against myself to succeed, determined to get the A+ from someone who didn't believe in giving them.

But, like a bad relationship, it's not until you're out that you realise that how bad it really was - and although I'm just as busy in my new job - I'm a happy busy. I like being busy!

Losing Dad in May, after he was in hospital for a while made a whole lot of the things happening that much harder to deal with. I love my Dad. There's always been part of me though that wants to look after my Mum, and while losing Dad was hard, I am so glad I could be strong for her and help her through. I conducted Dad's funeral, and organised all of that - and I think that purpose, and the determination to make it something that helped to set my family on the path to peace drove me for a while there, and I just couldn't let myself fall apart because Mum, especially, needed me to stand up for her.

I still don't think I've given myself time to grieve for my Dad. It's still really hard to believe he's not there, or moreso, very easy to pretend he is. It's like I've got this shield that flashes up whenever the memories get too painful, and then I'm kinda one step removed from it all.

Starting my new job has been the upside of 2009 - and I'm grateful to find somewhere where I can thrive and grow. I've had some huge successes there, in the short time I've been working there - and the warmth of the office is really great.

I think though, family needs to be more of a focus, and I'm cutting back this year to allow me a bit more time - to use however I need to.

Anyway, that's all for me now... let's see if I can keep this up!


Saturday, January 02, 2010

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


netball0001.jpg netball0001.jpg picture by mickeyleerobs

(you might need to click on the photo to see the full story/piccy)

Yep, us girls made it into the newspaper today!  I think the reporter was most impressed with Mum though - as we all are!!!  Isn't it nice that this is something we all do together still?  I love that Mum is still out there playing, and that Kerry is back to play with us again - and that Emily can finally join in after years of waiting!

2008 is going to be a good year!


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